Los Altos Hills Trading

Los Altos Hills Trading offers trading signal subscription with average return of 54.575% over the last 4 years.


Historical performance

Year Return Max draw down Test Data
2022 45.1% 9.9%
2021 36.8% 4.7%
2020 75.1% 12.9%
2019 61.3% 4.4%

For now, we only trade s & p 500 stocks.


Q: What's the subscription price?
A: 49$ per month.

Q: How are signals delivered?
A: To your registration email. We might offer websocket endpoint in the future.

Q: What does the signal look like?
A: Symbol XXX target_price XXX stop_price XXX current_price XXX time XXX

Q: What is the position sizing stategy in your backtest?
A: The backtest uses a dynamic position sizing strategy, weight for each position: max(1 / (num_positions + 1) / 2, 1 / 12)

Q: Why don't you take short positions?
A: According to my backtest, with my strategy, taking short positions perform poorly except for 2022.

Q: Can I modify your target and stop price?
A: I don't recommend that because it is not tested.

Q: What does your signal has to do with Los Altos Hills?
A: This trading strategy and backtest framework started when I lived in los altos hills. And I love it.

Q: Should I worry about wash sale?
A: Only take care of it on January.